Exploring the underwater world

🐬 How many bottlenose dolphins reside in Cabrera National Park, and how are they impacted by underwater noise, especially during the tourist season?

These inquiries drive our support for the “Cabrera Dolphins” project. The Cabrera National Park, a marine sanctuary of unmatched biodiversity, still holds many secrets about its inhabitants, particularly the bottlenose dolphin.

This project aims to explore Cabrera’s depths to comprehend the effects of underwater noise, predominantly caused by boats, on these splendid cetaceans. The bottlenose dolphin’s distinct whistling, crucial for their communication and one of their most notable traits, could be disrupted by these external sounds.

🔊 To illuminate our questions, the Tursiops Association, with the backing of Mallorca Preservation, will deploy specialized hydrophones at various points within the park. These instruments will enable us to capture and analyze the sounds produced by the dolphins, offering a rare glimpse into their world.

The “Cabrera Dolphins” initiative endeavors not just to expand our understanding of these cetaceans but also to heighten awareness about the significance of safeguarding their habitat. We invite you to stay updated with the news and discoveries that we, along with the Tursiops team, will unveil throughout the project’s progression.