The Mallorca Preservation Foundation (MAPF) was created in May 2017 with the aim of conserving the amazing beauty and environmental quality of Mallorca in an attempt to transform it into a sustainable management model for the island and to bring about long-lasting positive change.

To reach this goal, the MAPF raises funds from individuals and businesses who care passionately about Mallorca, to support local organisations that focus on protecting, preserving and sustaining the island.  The key areas of focus include marine protection, sustainable agriculture and landscape protection, and the efficient use of resources (energy, water and waste).

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Our people

A Steering Committee (SC), comprising of founding and actively involved donors, directs the strategy. They analyse and approve grants and use their personal networks to broaden the base of supporters. The SC members have a wide array of backgrounds and interests but all share a passion for the environmental protection of Mallorca

Our local team consists of one person as the local Executive Director in charge of day-to-day management and coordination work on the ground, assisted by advisors and the SC.


  • Ana Riera

    Executive Director

    Native Mallorquin, our director grew up in the island where she developed a strong environmental awareness that forms a strong part of her personality. As a child, Ana had a deep interest in nature and became a passionate activist for sustainable initiatives to protect her homeland.

    With a degree in Biology and Biochemistry, the protection and preservation of Mallorca is a great responsibility that Ana assumes as part of her daily life, loving and caring for a land that she deeply believes in.

  • Maria Oliver

    Marketing & Communications Manager

    Maria, a Marketing graduate, brings her expertise in Digital Media and Communication to promote MAPF’s initiatives and amplify its visibility. Her dedication to preserving the natural splendor of her hometown serves as a driving force behind her work and inspiring her creativity.

    Despite having lived abroad and relishing the opportunity to explore new destinations, Maria’s deep attachment to Mallorca remains unshakable, as she firmly believes that no other location can match the island’s unique charm. Therefore, safeguarding this special enclave through concrete actions is of paramount importance to her.

  • María Elisa Martínez

    Development Director

    Elisa is a Fulbright Scholar with a business degree and an International Relations Masters from the University of California in San Diego. She has experience in sustainability, partnership building, and project management in Marine protected areas.
    But it’s her deep love for Mallorca, where her family’s roots are, that inspires her to spearhead fundraising work, collaborate with stakeholders, and cultivate relationships with donors and the Conservation Collective.



How we work

The funds we raise all go support environmental campaigns, projects and initiatives  in Mallorca. The Foundations’s core costs are covered by the Steering Committee/Patronato. Our way:


  • To connect those who love and rely on a place, with those who are working to protect, preserve and restore that place.
  • To involve, empower and strengthen local communities through a bottom-up integrated approach aimed at creating long lasting change, bolstering civil society and building capacity.
  • To support local initiatives and identify the framework and skills needed to tackle specific local environmental problems.
  • To collaborate with our global network with access to piloted and proven solutions.
  • To mobilise funding by encouraging those individuals who aren’t always the ‘usual suspects’ to get involved and support their local environment.
  • To leverage co-funding opportunities with larger foundations, national or international organisation.
  • To provide a proven and transparent channel for donors to support their local environment.
  • To create neutral alliances of relevant stakeholders, fostering collaboration among civil society