Think Global, Consume Local

“Think Global, Consume Local” is the slogan of our campaign in which we support local island producers whose systems need everyone’s help to produce a minimum for our homes.

After seeing how world trade has collapsed due to repeated crises such as the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate emergency, the rise in fossil fuel prices… In all of them, the agriculture system shows its vulnerability.

For this reason, we raise our voices and promote local consumption. Through this campaign our aim is to promote the KM 0 product, coming from our magnificent land: the island of Mallorca.

In addition, consuming local food has its advantages:

  • Local products are fresh products and therefore more nourishing.
  • Buying locally supports our island’s farmers. It also benefits the local economy.
  • Buying locally means you know where your food comes from and how it is produced.


Benefits of local consumption for agriculture: 

  • Local farming tends to be low-input, which means it uses less energy and chemicals and is therefore more sustainable.
  • Local farming generally produces less CO2 because distances are shorter.
Ana Riera (MAPF Executive Director) and Alejandra Company (Managing Director at Malla Publicidad).