Tauló – #ProjectsWithSoul

If you are like most people, you probably use your mobile phone for a significant part of the day. However, have you ever considered the impact that the material your case is made of can have on your physical and mental health?


Most mobile phone cases on the market are typically composed of synthetic materials, which can pose risks to both our well-being and the environment. However, today we are excited to introduce you to a new initiative called #ProjectsWithSoul, brought to you by Susanna and Jaume, the innovative minds behind TAULÓ. This small Mallorcan company takes pride in crafting iPhone cases entirely from wood, ensuring sustainability, biodegradability, and unparalleled uniqueness.


TAULÓ’s journey traces back to their earlier venture, where they specialized in offering natural material-based decorative solutions for the hospitality industry. However, when the pandemic hit, they faced the unfortunate necessity of suspending operations within the hotel sector. It was during this challenging period that the seed of inspiration sprouted, leading them to conceive their own product, with wood taking center stage as the primary material.


“Throughout our journey, we have crafted numerous awe-inspiring decorative projects, each one brought to life through the enchanting allure of natural and noble materials. Among them, wood reigns supreme as our beloved medium, for its vibrant essence and boundless versatility. Today, we rejoice as this story unfolds, with wood taking center stage as the protagonist.”


“One of the primary goals of the project was to create a completely sustainable and customizable wooden case. It would have been convenient to purchase pre-made cases composed of silicone or plastic materials and simply add a wooden veneer. However, our challenge and, above all, our commitment were of a different nature. We thrive on challenges, especially if they enable us to contribute to the enhancement of our immediate environment. Our aim was two-fold: to promote sustainability and respect for nature, and to harness the power of wood in our hands to enhance people’s well-being,” asserts Jaume.


“Wood holds a deep connection with humanity. It’s crucial to remember that for 99.9% of our existence as a species, we resided in natural environments, fully immersed in nature’s embrace. It’s only in the wake of the Industrial Revolution that we began living apart from nature, in increasingly urbanized and artificial settings, representing a mere 0.01% of our collective history. Therefore, it’s no wonder that contact with nature, including natural elements that symbolise the world around us, enhances our well-being, instills relaxation, tranquility, clarity, confidence, and optimism,” emphasises Susana.

Tauló workshop in Sencelles

On the contrary, contact with artificial materials induces a sense of discomfort, resulting in increased blood pressure and pulse rate. It unsettles our body and our very essence. Conversely, engaging with wood and immersing ourselves in its presence brings about physiological relaxation and bolsters immune function. It’s a harmonious connection that fosters well-being and tranquility within us.


“As creators, it brings us immense comfort to realize that we have crafted a masterpiece that not only harmonizes design and functionality but also prioritizes sustainability and well-being,” they express with heartfelt satisfaction.


In addition, TAULÓ strongly encourages its customers to personalise their cases, allowing them to add a unique and distinctive touch. “One of our main objectives was to involve the customers in the finishing process of their cases, enabling them to customize them with their own personal flair. This aspect of the customization process is mutually fulfilling for both parties. Customers have the opportunity to select their preferred design, participate in designing and assembling the case before customization, and preview a lifelike replica of how the engraving will appear on their case. Finally, they eagerly anticipate receiving the case and sharing a photo of it with us”.


We share in the same excitement and enthusiasm that our customers experience throughout the entire process, from their initial contact with us to the moment they finally hold their customized case in their hands. Some of our customers even visit our workshop and actively participate in the creation and personalization process. It’s an incredibly enriching and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We witness their awe as they observe every intricate detail and intricacy of the craftsmanship, never missing a single aspect.


This concept has undergone almost three years of rigorous development, involving numerous tests to refine the product’s finishes and ensure top-notch quality. The journey has been demanding, especially due to the intricacies of working with wood. However, we can proudly declare that we have triumphed in crafting a functional, entirely wooden product that is both sustainable and biodegradable. What’s more, our achievement is globally exclusive, setting our offering apart from any other in the market.


In essence, the story of TAULÓ encapsulates innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. The project emerged in response to the evolving global landscape, highlighting the possibility of producing environmentally conscious products that contribute to our mental and physical well-being. It serves as a reminder that making mindful choices in our everyday lives begins by selecting companies and products that align with the ethos of #ProjectsWithSoul. TAULÓ stands as a prime example of such a philosophy, inspiring us to be more conscious of our impact on the world.