Essentially Mallorca Award

🏆✨ We are immensely delighted! Yesterday, we were honoured with the “Committed Luxury” award by Essentially Mallorca for our efforts in preserving the beauty and environmental quality of Mallorca. Since embarking on this journey in 2017, we have supported 28 projects and initiatives, allocating more than half a million euros to them.

Congratulations are also in order for the Atlántida Film Festival and Biel Huguet Ballester for their well-deserved accolades. Each of us, from different perspectives, plays a part in enhancing the magic of Mallorca. As aptly put by our director, Ana Riera: “Our island needs us as much as we need her.”💚

🌍🌿 Our heartfelt thanks to our collaborators, ambassadors, and everyone who has joined us on this journey dedicated to the preservation of our beloved island. Also, a special mention to Essentially Mallorca for bestowing this honour upon us. Thank you!