NEW Activity Summary 2021

Mallorca Preservation Foundation is committed to preserving Mallorca’s amazing beauty and environmental quality, in order to build a sustainable management model for the Island and to bring about long-lasting positive change.

As result, MAPF has achieved great impacts during 2021:

  • 160 linear km of plastic have been replaced by biofilm.
  • 44 young people have submitted ideas to reduce plastic pollution.
  • 425,000 bees have found a safe habitat.
  • €28.000 have been raised to feed more than 510 families in 8 months.
  • 29 Alitan have hatched at Palma Aquarium.
  • 452 carob trees have been grafted to become productive trees.
  • 41 farmers have completed a total of 35 hours course in holistic management and regenerative agriculture.

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