Conferences on the restoration of blue ecosystems in the Balearic Islands

On the past Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th, the “Jornades per la restauració d’ecosistemes blaus a Balears” took place, jointly organised by the Càtedra de la Mar Iberostar and the Universitat de les Illes Balears. These sessions highlighted the crucial importance of conserving and restoring our marine ecosystems, with a particular emphasis on posidonia.

During the sessions, pertinent topics such as the blue economy, the value of natural capital in tourist destinations like Mallorca, and projects focusing on carbon absorption in the Balearic record were discussed. Additionally, proposals for the restoration of posidonia, the conservation and revitalisation of wetlands, and the creation of mooring buoy fields were debated.

Marcial Bardolet, a member of our advisory board and a technical expert in posidonia conservation from the Consellería de Agricultura, Pesca i Medi Natural, shared his insights during the sessions. Thanks to his expertise, we were able to better understand the significance of posidonia and the preventive measures for its care.

Furthermore, various projects supported by Mallorca Preservation were introduced. Among them, the Medgardens project, focused on the regeneration of seabeds, and the initiative to restore the S’estany des Ponts wetland in Alcudia.