Wie kann ich dafür sorgen, dass ich bei meiner Rückkehr auf die Insel einen herzlichen Empfang erlebe?

1- Minimise the use of single-use plastics, such as water bottles and bags. Instead, bring along a reusable water bottle and cloth bag to reduce unnecessary waste.

2- Before your visit, locate water sources or refill points in the areas you plan to explore. You can find a helpful map of these locations at CLEANWAVE APP.

3- Consume local and organic produce from farmers’ markets and establishments that actively promote sustainable agriculture.

4- Opt for sunscreens that are free from harmful chemicals, which can have damaging effects on the marine ecosystem.

5- Respect the coastal ecosystem by not taking souvenirs like shells or stones from the sea. These items are vital components of the delicate coastal environment.

6- Be mindful of proper waste disposal by utilising designated bins. Consider carrying a small bag to collect your own rubbish during your outings, ensuring a cleaner environment.

7- Practice responsible consumption by using water sparingly and turning off lights, air conditioning, and other electrical appliances when leaving your accommodation. Utilise natural light and ventilation whenever feasible.

8- Contribute to reducing carbon emissions by considering alternative means of transportation, such as cycling or utilising public transport, to explore the island.

9- Lead by example and inspire fellow travellers to adopt responsible and sustainable practices during their visit.

10- Make a positive impact on the island’s conservation through a Mallorca Preservation tätigen!!