Don’t waste food

In Spain, 2.9 million tonnes (18%) of food are wasted every year. This is not only a huge waste of money, it also adds to the amount of carbon dioxide being released.

Before grocery shopping, plan your days ahead, ask yourself how much food you really need and write down the amounts of food you need to buy. This will help you live a more eco-friendly life.

In case you cannot finish some of the food you bought, there are great ways to donate food to soup kitchens or other organisations that support people in need. This way, you can support society and the environment.

Nowadays there are many facilities that support families who have been affected heavily by the Corona ciris and cannot provide a warm meal for themselves or their families.

The MAPF is supporting Tardor Association in Mallorca which provides food for families in need and buys excess produce from local farmers who’s main source of income disappeared due to the crisis. If you want to know more about this project or support this initiative, please find all relevant information here: y