MAPF x CAEB Presentation

Mallorca Preservation had the honor of showcasing its initiatives and projects to CAEB members last Friday. This was a valuable opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and raise awareness about our mission.

We are grateful to Pedro Payeras of Fusteria Campanet for his contribution at the event. His personal testimony, as a MAPF ambassador and CAEB member, added a touching aspect to the presentation and gave the audience a deeper understanding of our impact and the significance of promoting sustainability in the business world.

It was encouraging to observe the growing number of companies in Mallorca who are actively engaged in conservation efforts. The support of CAEB members is vital in helping us achieve our goals and making a bigger impact.

At Mallorca Preservation, we recognize the importance of partnerships in creating a greater positive impact on the island. That’s why we highly value CAEB’s support and its members. Our commitment to collaboration drives us to work with more organizations and partners to maximize our lasting impact.