Catalogue of autochthonous plants

Catalogue of autochthonous plants of the forest nursery of the Balearic Islands

Welcome to the catalogue of autochthonous species grown in the nursery of the Centre Forestal de les Illes Balears – Finca de Menut (CEFOR). Our aim is to provide the public with an accessible resource to familiarize themselves with the native plants that flourish in its nursery. By highlighting these species, we offer an alternative to using non-native plants, thereby mitigating the risk of invasive species invading and dispersing throughout our natural environment.

The Menut estate has a rich history, serving as a forest nursery since its establishment by the Forestry District in 1933. Today, it is an integral part of the Forestry Centre of the Balearic Islands (CEFOR). Throughout its evolution, the center has prioritized the production of high-quality native forest plants endemic to the Balearic Islands.

While the primary focus remains on native plant production, the center has expanded its functions in recent years. It now encompasses forestry research, innovation, conservation of genetic forest resources, dissemination of forestry culture, and fire prevention awareness.

We invite you to explore this catalogue and discover the remarkable diversity of autochthonous plants. By incorporating these native species into our landscapes, we can contribute to the preservation of our natural heritage while creating beautiful and resilient environments.