Legacy 2030

Legacy 2030: Sustainable Palma

Last Thursday we attended the forum “Legado 2030: Palma Sostenible” organised by Cadena SER, Radio Mallorca and Ajuntament De Palma.

A space for debate and reflection on the 17 goals set by the United Nations for that horizon, 2030, which include climate action, circular economy and energy transition and the reduction of inequalities, among others.

There were different presentations and round tables.

We highlight the presentation by Juan Verde, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia in the Department of Commerce of the United States Government, during the administration of President Barack Obama. As an advocate of environmental causes, sustainability and the fight against climate change, Juan Verde collaborated with former Vice President Al Gore to establish and lead branches of his foundation, “Climate Reality Project” in Spain and Argentina.

In addition, Antoni Riera, Professor of Applied Economics at the UIB and director of Fundació Impulsa spoke about regenerative tourism.

In the following video you may watch the complete event.