€19,920 awarded

In 2019 the MAPF supported a project by APAEMA (Association of organic farmers in Mallorca), to create a public testing kitchen where organic farmers can transform the leftovers or bi-products from their production into alternative products that can be sold in farmers market. This initiative aims at creating additional income for organic farmers, and developing a more sustainable business model which allows them to sell jams, tarts and chutneys, alongside producing crops.

After the tourist boom, the economy of the island converted from the primary to the tertiary sector. This created a decline in agricultural activity and a subsequent abandonment of the land, which resulted in the degradation of much of the landscape which led to an increased fire risk. The MAPF strongly believes that soil is one of nature’s most significant sources of life and richness. For this reason, we support local and sustainable agriculture, which protects the landscapes in a natural and eco-friendly way.

Nowadays, organic production is an added value for local agriculture.

Thanks to the creation of the public test kitchen and the cooperating farmers, by the year 2021, it has been possible to produce:

  • Tomato sauce – during the summer of 2021, around 4 tonnes have been processed.
  • Chickpeas – from June to December 2021, around 6,000 jars of 350g were sold.
  • Hummus, vegetable purées, fruit jams, dried fuit, bombons, juices and smoothie etc.

Local farmers working with S’Obrador


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