Promoting the use of bioplastics in agriculture

With the aim of reducing the amount of plastics used in agriculture the Mallorca Preservation Foundation has supported APAEMA to arrange the joint purchase of bioplastic (made from potato starch) for mulching.

In 2019 this saved 1550kg (62 linear km) of mulching plastic.

After the success of 2019,  in 2020 this project has saved 2.750Kg of mulching plastic. We hope to keep improving and make this project bigger in the future.

Polymers have been used in agriculture and horticulture since the middle of the last century, and the use of plastic in agriculture has enabled farmers to increase their crop production. Although plastic mulch can be very useful to suppress the weeds and conserve the water in crop production and landscaping, one major drawback of most polymers used in agriculture is the problem with their disposal. Plastic pollution then ends-up in landfills or is buried in soil.