Plastic Kilometers for Iris

12.500€ awarded

What’s plastic kilometers for IRIS?

Kilometers of Plastic for IRIS is a joint project between YouSocial Volunteer, the Menorca Preservation, Ibiza Preservation and the Mallorca Preservation Foundation.

The project aims to encourage Conscious Walks amongst young people, with the mission to educate people in our environment about the problems that single-use plastics are generating but will also aim to walk 10.000km against plastic for IRIS as a team objective.

We will support 15 to 20-year-olds to form or join a group of people to walk in a natural environment, share reflections and start conversations about today’s plastic pollution problem and the day-today solutions.

The Iris project Contest

As a consequence of the conscious walks, the debates generated and the knowledge created, the 15 to 20yr old’s participating in the walks can then present themselves to the Kilometres of Plastic for IRIS Competition.      

About the Competition

  • Only those 15 to 20yr old’s that have participated in Conscious walks can enter the competition.
  • Each pair must create a “1 minute for your planet” inspirational video, answering the following question: What would you do to fight against plastic pollution on your island?
  • The videos can be in English or Spanish and must aim to use content generated during the conscious walks and related to the single use plastic problems and solutions.
  • The videos will be submitted in pairs.
  • We will take into account the number of kilometers walked, plastic waste collected on the way and number of participants in the walks.
  • Timing of the Conscious Walks: 15 February – 30 April 2023 to generate content for their 1 min video.
  • The Plastic Kilometers for Iris collective Challenge: Reaching 10.000 kms walked in total, as a sum of individual kms during the conscious walks.
  • Deadline to submit the 1 min video: April 30 2023
  • Jury: TBD by Conservation Collective, Mallorca,Menorca and Ibiza Preservation Foundation organisations.

Winner/s Prize: 1-day (year 8 & 9) or 10-day (year 10 till 13) expedition on board Toftevaag, an authentic centenary sailing ship, together with a group of six young people and marine researchers and educators with the aim of carrying out marine conservation activities.

About Iris

Iris Annabel Goldsmith died in a tragic accident on her family farm at the age of 15 on 8 July 2019. Iris had a deep and lifelong connection with the natural world, a gentle way with animals of all kinds, and a particular reverence for the sea. Iris well understood that finding harmony with nature is the overriding purpose of humanity – and she took every opportunity to do her bit. Before leaving any beach or wild space she visited Iris always made a point of organizing everyone to clear the litter from one end to the other. The Iris Project seeks to empower young people of Iris’ age in their own efforts to restore and protect nature where they live.