Marine Fauna Recovery Center

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Palma Aquarium is a marine park committed to ocean conservation and especially in the protection of the Balearic Sea. Since its opening in 2007, the park has taken actions related to the reproduction of endangered species, the rescue and rehabilitation of marine fauna, the restoration of natural areas and the development of environmental education and awareness campaigns.

In June 2014 Palma Aquarium signed a technical assistance contract with COFIB and the Ministry of the Environment, being officially recognized as the Catalogued Marine Fauna Recovery Centre of the Balearic Islands.

Since then, under the direction of COFIB and the Species Protection Service, Palma Aquarium assumes the responsibility of the technical assistance of sea turtle and cetacean stranding’s  that occur on the coast of Mallorca, coordinating the work teams in Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca and to elaborate an annual registration.

With the aim of giving continuity and implementing the actions undertaken and to launch new actions, Palma Aquarium established in 2016 its foundation, the “Palma Aquarium Foundation for the protection of the Environment”, with the intention of offering personal and material resources of conservation, education and research.

The aims of the “Palma Aquarium Foundation for the Protection of the Environment” are, among others:

  • Contribute to biodiversity conservation 
  • Promote the recovery of threatened species and the restoration of damaged ecosystems 
  • Develop environmental education campaigns
  • Promote institutional cooperation between public and private entities to achieve common environmental objectives
  • Help in the integration of people at risk of social exclusion and / or with disabilities


Mallorca Preservation supports the Palma Aquarium’s Marine Fauna Recovery Centre.


Turtles and cetaceans were cared for by the rescue and rehabilitation centre of the Palma Aquarium Foundation during 2023.