2.000€ awarded

The Balearic Sea is rich and diverse, and we want to share it with everyone! Getting to know the richness that is concealed under the sea is essential for understanding its benefits and participating actively in its conservation.

MARE is an initiative that supports marine conservation through creativity and the promotion of visual arts from an ethical perspective. MARE proposes an immersion into the Balearic Sea by means of a competition with photography, video and photo reportage as its main artistic disciplines.

We want to extend an open invitation to capture the outstanding beauty of the landscape, fauna and flora of the Balearic Sea so we can share, understand and enjoy it; we must also get to know the challenges it faces and take an active role in its conservation.

The first edition of MARE presents an audiovisual competition for the conservation of the Balearic Sea, with digital underwater photography as the main discipline. Video and photographic reportage are also accepted as secondary formats; they are not eligible for prizes, but the most outstanding works will be part of a travelling exhibition, alongside the winning images. Find out more about the competition and join in!

We are open to other formats and visual arts techniques which we hope to include in future editions. Cutting-edge, alternative modalities may help us explore new ways to empathise and reconnect with the marine environment.

Yes, everyone has a unique vision of the sea. What is your vision?