‘50 people and places making the world a better place right now’.

Conde Nast Traveller ha elaborado una lista de personas, propiedes y organizaciones haciendo todo lo posible para mejorar el planeta – ‘50 personas y lugares haciendo del mundo un lugar mejor’. 

Gracias a Rossella Beaugie de Thinking Traveller por elegir al Conservation Collective, del que la Fundación para la Conservación de Mallorca forma parte.

The Conservation Collective, headed up by Ben Goldsmith and Jade Brudenell, is doing wonderful things in the field of sustainability and ecology. It has launched a series of projects around the world aimed at limiting the effects of tourism, preserving the natural wonders of destinations and promoting green practices. The local population always plays a lead role, and the funding raised is used carefully to support deserving initiatives. It also heightens awareness about ecological challenges and encourages visitors to practise responsible travel. Following the success of projects in the Balearics and the Caribbean, the collective set up the Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund a few years ago, and, in 2019, the Ionian Environment Foundation.’