Press Release Pasture +

APAEMA, in partnership with other organic farms and research institutions, has begun a revolutionary project known as PASTURE+ in July 2022. The goal of this state-wide initiative is to enhance the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of organic livestock farms throughout Mallorca, with the project set to conclude in December 2025. By implementing a holistic animal management model, the project aims to combat climate change while also differentiating these products in the market.

The project, officially called “Livestock products that restore natural capital, mitigate climate change and promote rural development,” involves organic farms in several regions, including Mallorca, Extremadura, Almeria, and the Basque Country. The project will be supported by various universities and research centers, and good farming practices will be analyzed under the vision of holistic farm management. The results will be quantified through the EOV (Standard Outcome Verification), developed by the Savory Institute.

In Mallorca, the project will focus on aspects of management such as the implementation of permanent pastures and the reduction of tillage that damage the structure and quality of the soil. During this period, the new techniques applied will be monitored, analyzing, among other parameters, the quality and quantity of forage available, the chemical and microbiological composition of the soil, the profitability of the farms, and the quality of the meat obtained. The project will also compare rotational grazing systems with continuous grazing systems, which are currently the most common in Mallorca.

Ten sheep farms and two beef cattle farms, all certified organic and members of APAEMA, are participating in the project. Together, they cover an area of almost 700 ha across different parts of the island. The total budget of the project in Mallorca is €240,000.

In addition to scientific experimentation in the field, the project will also include several training courses for technicians and farmers, the creation of a network of farmers to share experiences among all participants, and the organization of the Regenerative Livestock Congress to be held in Mallorca in 2025.

PASTURE+ is supported by the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, and is funded by the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR). In Mallorca, the project is also supported by the Institute for Research and Training in Agri-Food and Fisheries of the Balearic Islands (IRFAP) and the financial support of the Mallorca Preservation Foundation and CAMPER.