Nominating Partner of The Iris Project

We have been selected as a nominating partner for The Iris Project!


What is the The Iris Project?

The Iris Project is run in collaboration with Global Greengrants Fund, and has been established in memory of Iris Goldsmith, who died in a tragic accident aged 15.  Iris had a deep and lifelong connection with the natural world, a gentle way with animals, and a particular love for the sea. In her memory, will build a global community of young people working to protect and restore their local natural environment. As well as empowering action through the annual Iris Prize, the Iris Project will connect young people from around the world to share learnings, provide support and advocate for change.


The Iris Project was founded in memory of Iris Goldsmith who died when she was fifteen years old. Iris had a profound connection with the natural world, a deep enduring love. The birds and the flowers, the trees, the ocean, the animals held an inexhaustible magic for her, ever since she was a tiny girl. It was here that she found peace and joy and endless inspiration. Our fragile planet and all its many wonders illuminated her life, so when she died there was no better way of honouring her memory than to support young people in their efforts to protect it. Knowing that this is how she would have spent her days, had she been given more of them.

The Prize 

The ‘Iris Prize’ will be awarded to three outstanding individuals who best embody the spirit of the Iris Project – championing the protection and restoration of nature, and the rights of those who defend it. Three grants will be awarded each year in conjunction with a locally-delivered capacity building programme, facilitated by the Advisory Panel.


We recognise that nature restoration takes a variety of forms – from traditional land stewardship, to innovative technological solutions. As such, the Iris Prize will reward new ideas and established projects, hoping to overcome the circumstantial barriers that too often prevent young people from being able to advocate for nature-related change.

The prizes will be structured as such, and awarded alongside a bespoke capacity-building programme for each of the winners:


How to apply?

Click on this link: apply to The Iris Project 


Last chance to submit your application 14th of June