Balearic Foundations London Event

Great turnout and support at the event held last Tuesday in London! 👏🙌

On the 8th of March the Balearic foundations, Ibiza, Menorca, and Mallorca Preservation, hosted a workshop to an audience of 80 people embracing the protection of the nature of our beloved Balearic Islands.
The event was organised by the Conservation Collective – the global network of local foundations, with the aim of raising awareness and supporting the crucial work carried out by the three Balearic foundations.

The event featured inspiring speeches from Ben Goldsmith, president of Conservation Collective and co-founder of the local foundations; Inma Saranova, director of Ibiza Preservation; Hans Lenz, director of Mallorca Preservation and Emmanuel Laggarrigue, president of Menorca Preservation. They discussed the promotion of local products and regenerative farming techniques, the fight against single-use plastic with business coalitions, as well as the work from the Balearic collective on marine conservation initiatives, among other philanthropic topics.

We are immensely proud of the work that local Balearic foundations are doing to preserve and restore our beloved islands. Last but not least, we were thrilled to feel the great connection and immense fondness the British attendees have for the Balearics