Conservation Collective global gathering in Corfu

Mallorca Preservation Foundation (MAPF) is part of the Conservation Collective (CC) network, which connects organisations form around the world dedicated to addressing local environmental challenges. Established in 2017 as a charitable branch of CC, MAPF collaborates with 17 other non-profit organisations, working together for environmental sustainability.

The CC network provides support and growth opportunities to its foundation branches, offering an annual global gathering that serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, skill development, and synergy-building. This year, the gathering took place on the island of Kerkyra, hosted by the Ionian Environment Foundation. Representatives from CC and 17 other foundations participated, engaging in learning sessions, spotlight presentations, and visits to showcase sustainable waste management and conservation work.

During the gathering, MAPF had the opportunity to share the Stellaris project, an endeavour centered around the cultivation of Nursehound in controlled environments. A momentous was recently attained as a batch of these small sharks was effectively reintroduced into their natural habitat.

Additionally, an integral part of the global gathering was the 2023 Collectives Awards, which aimed to recognise and celebrate the best projects and initiatives within the CC network. The awards ceremony honoured the exceptional achievements of various organisations, serving as inspiration for continued dedication to environmental conservation.

MAPF’s involvement in the CC network strengthens our conservation work and connects us with organisations in different parts in the world tackling similar environmental challenges. This gathering highlighted the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing, reminding us of the importance of measuring the impact of our projects and integrating it into our overall strategy. We are inspired to bring these insights back to our local communities in Mallorca and continue our mission of preserving the natural beauty of the island.

Elisa Martínez and Ana Riera in the Global Gathering 2023

Representatives of Conservation Collective's global network

The Collectives Awards 2023
Workshops during the 2023 CC global gathering
Ana Riera, Executive Director explaining the Stellaris Project