Conservation Collective Awards 2021

Last Wednesday we celebrated the first Conservation Collective Awards.
All foundations belonging to the CC brought together virtually to commemorate the environmental achievements of the different foundations during this year 2021.

The award winners were:

  • Best Grant Land – Lanka Environment Fund (Wildlife Corridors)
  • Best Grant Freshwater – Devon Environment Foundation (Beaver reintroduction)
  • Best Grant Marine – Highlands & Islands Environment Foundation (Mapping & Modelling tool – fin fish farming)
  • Best Grant Waste – Ionian Environment Foundation (Waste Action Awareness Week) & Menorca Preservation (Plastic Free Menorca)
  • Fundraising Award – St Vincent & The Grenadines Environment Fund for the significant levels of funds raised for volcano relief efforts to support local communities.
  • Innovation Award – IbizaPreservation for its work adapting to online methods of increasing the access of communities to local produce, sustainability focussed home school activities and eco-home tips.
  • Impact Award – Cyclades Preservation Fund for Amorgorama, an initiative in partnership with the fishermen’s association of Amorgos, which gained recognition from the Greek ministry for its pilot programme stopping fishing for 28 days and cleaning up beaches with plastic pollution and discarded fishing gear instead, to allow local marine life to recover and fish species to breed undisturbed.

It was a touching ceremony seeing how all foundations are united under a common goal – to protect our environment, restore nature and safeguard climate change.

Watch the award ceremony below: