Cabrera Crossing, Swim for Project Stellaris

Cabrera to Mallorca Crossing- 16km sea swim in aid of the Nursehound Shark

The professional endurance athlete, Caroline Livesey, will swim the Cabrera Channel to raise money and awareness for the Stellaris Project.

The Stellaris Project aims to breed Scyliorhinus stellaris in captivity to release into the waters around Cabrera Island. The Nursehound shark is a large catshark native to the Balearic Sea.  The embryonic development to hatching takes a long 9 months and although it can reach up to 1.6 m in length, on hatching they are only around 16cm long. This makes them easy prey for other marine predators. This beautiful shark was once abundant in the waters around Mallorca but are now declining as so many others are.

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